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Towards the Mystery- Simon Nicholls

The Scriabin Association’s co-chairman, Simon Nicholls, gave a fascinating evening of music and words for the Association’s inaugural event in February. Simon will again be giving an illuminating lecture / recital discussing Scriabin’s life and works entitled ‘Towards the Mystery.’ The evening is at Pushkin House (Bloomsbury Square, London) on Thursday, May 7, 2015 

Articles Page

A page has now been added for new Scriabin articles. The first article, by Scriabin scholar and society co-chairman Simon Nicholls, is entitled On the tracks of Scriabin as pianist and is now available to view here. The Association hopes to add further articles over the coming months.

EPTA Publication

An article by Scriabin Association co-founder, Darren Leaper, entitled, “A Recorded History of Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Music: From the Composer as Pianist, to his First Pioneers at the Moscow Conservatory to Present Day” will be published across the next two EPTA magazines in April and September 2015. Visit here for information of the publication.

An Evening of Scriabin’s Piano Music. April 25th 2015

An Evening of Scriabin’s Piano Music

The Scriabin Association presenscriabin-poster(A5)-web-newts an evening concert celebrating the piano music of Scriabin in honour of his death centenary. A collective of pianists present an exceptional programme of repertoire spanning the composer’s compositional life, including half of the 10 sonatas. Included in the evening will also be a rare performance of Scriabin’s only song. This extraordinary concert will be held at the Warwick Art Centre’s Ensemble Room on April 25th 7pm with free admission. The programme and performers will be:

William Burdett
Nocturne for Left Hand op. 9 no.2

Andrew Thayer
Etude in C sharp minor op. 2 no. 1
Sonata no. 3 op. 23
I – Drammatico
II – Allegretto
III- Andante
IV – Presto con fuoco

Darren Leaper
Sonata no. 6 op. 62
Poeme op. 32 no. 1
Sonata no. 9 op. 68 “Black Mass”


Stella Seaton-Sims accompanied by Michael Jones

Iain Laks
Prelude Op. 31 no. 3 (Presto)
Prelude op. 35 no. 2 (Elevato)
Prelude op.48 no. 2 (Poetico con delizio)
Prelude op. 48 no. 3 (Capricciosamente affannato)
Feuillet d’album op. 58
Sonata no. 7 op. 64 “White Mass”

Cecilia Xi
Etude op. 42 no. 4 (Andante)
Etude op. 42 no. 5 (Affannato)
Album Leaf op. 45 no. 1
Fragilité op.51 no.1
Poeme Ailé op. 51 no. 3
Sonata no. 4 op. 30
I – Andante
II – Prestissimo volando


Lecture/Recital – ‘Towards the Flame’ : Feb 7th 2015

We are pleased to announce the Scriabin Association’s inaugural event will be a lecture/recital entitled, ‘Towards the Flame’ given by the Association’s chairman, and Scriabin scholar, Simon Nicholls. The event will take place on February 7th, 7pm, at King Henry VIII School Hall, Warwick Road, Coventry CV3 6AQ.  We are grateful to the support of King Henry VIII School for this event.