The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin

The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin – translated by Simon Nicholls and Michael Puskin with annotations and commentary by Simon Nicholls and foreword by Vladmir Ashkenazy

51IqKo5QVEL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_ (1)This new publication by Oxford University Press represents a significant addition to the academic research on the composer and allows the non-Russian speaker to read Scriabin’s own notebooks for the first time in full in the English language. There are important annotations and commentary by Simon Nicholls, which are the result of years of research.

The pianist Marc André Hamelin has reviewed the books as, “A splendidly researched volume, and an endlessly fascinating piece of scholarship. I learned a great deal from it, and it will prove essential to anyone wishing to probe deeper into Skryabin’s world. The book is an immensely valuable addition to our understanding of every aspect of this most enigmatic of Russian composers.”

Lincoln Ballard (Principal author of “The Alexander Scriabin Companion”) writes, The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin brings to life the previously unpublished confessions from the composer’s secret journals in fresh, modern translations. Simon Nicholls lends historical context and insightful perspective to Skryabin’s profound and provocative theories. Now that Skryabin’s philosophical thinking has earned a critical respect it deserves, this book promises to become an essential resource for students and scholars.”

The Notebooks of Alexander Skryabin can be purchased here.