Scriabin Association

Welcome to the Scriabin Association website. The association is a UK based society with a dedicated purpose to promote, inform and celebrate the life, music and ideas of Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin; one of the 20th century’s most extraordinary and innovative composer-pianists.

The association was founded to mark the centenary year of the composer’s death in 2015. We encourage communication and collaboration with Scriabin enthusiasts everywhere and the association serves to unite ‘Scriabinists’ at various concerts and events, as well as encouraging ever greater awareness of the composer through the website’s scholarly articles.

Explore the website to view the Scriabin Association’s unique articles as well finding information of events, and links to scores. If you wish to contribute an article, publicise a Scriabin event, or join the Scriabin Association mailing list please click here.


Dmitri Alexeev – Honorary President

Simon Nicholls  – co-chairman      Dina Parakhina  – co-chairman

Cecilia Xi (西茜) – co-founder    Darren Leaper  – co-founder

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