New Generation Scriabinists

Below are live recordings by students of the Scriabin Association’s co-chair, Dina Parakhina. Five of her students from Chethams School of Music, aged just 12-16, performed the complete Scriabin op. 11 preludes at a festival held at the RNCM concert Hall. There are two further performances from postgraduate students of Dina Parakhina’s at the RCM of the 8th and 9th sonatas.

Preludes op. 11:

Preludes op. 11 Nos. 1-6. Live performance by Mariam Loladze-Meredith (aged 12)
Preludes op. 11 Nos. 7-11. Live performance by Laura Newey (aged 16)
Preludes op. 11 Nos. 12-16. Live performance by Matthew McLachlan (aged 15)
Preludes op. 11 Nos. 17-20. Live performance by Callum McLachlan (aged 15)
Preludes op. 11 Nos. 21-24. Live performance by Varvara Maniichuk (aged 16)

Sonatas Nos. 8 and 9:

Sonata no.8 op.66 performed by Arsha Kaviani
Sonata no.9 op.68 performed by Poom Prommachart